Intel music activation and Intel tour around the world

The famous artist and Intel head off around the globe to explore and create music with local artists.

The tour will span 12 cities and in each will spend some time exploring the culture, architecture, music and meeting local artists. In each place, he’ll work together with the local musicians to create an original song inspired by their city. The tour is part of the Ultrabook Project – a project that accompanies the launch of the new notebook designed by Intel. is a director of innovation for Intel.

The aim of the project is to show the fans how works, they will experience his process of creating music, and even become a part of it. As Intel says in their press release: “The Ultrabook Project is about bringing together the audience and artist through technology. The next step in music evolution, the Ultrabook Project shows the future of a fuller, richer experience of music – one that is active and participatory and not just about passive listening.”

According to Johan Jervøe, vice president and director of Intel’s Partner Marketing Group; “Ultrabook devices put sleek style, intense performance and an amazing experience in the hands of users around the world and this tour with will help bring those features and values to life.”

With this project, Intel wants to bring the fans closer to the artist and to the product. It’s a very interesting product endorsement that gives the customers the opportunity to experience the innovative features of this product via music. In this campaign, the customers have the chance to meet the artist and experience the product in their own city, which makes it all more exciting.

Also interesting is the way in which the campaign combines offline and online means, allowing fans to live the music experience. Those who don’t live in the cities that will visit, will be able to participate in the process via Timeline, an interactive music player created by Razorfish. They’ll also be able to follow on Facebook and Twitter. This way, the fans can stay up-to-date with the progress of the Ultrabook Project and participate in it, in person or via social media.This clever combination of communication tools allows Intel to speak to a big number of customers at once and engage them in the campaign.