In its new digital campaign, The Sound Of Hermès Silver, luxury French brand Hermès present its new jewelry collection by giving a voice to silver – literally – and adding a new audio dimension to its identity.

To do so, the brand teamed up with London-based designers collective United Visual Artists (UVA) which created a state-of-the-art installation consisting of 16 pieces from the new Hermès Silver collection lying on metallic turntables and scanned with lasers.

With each scan Pierre Hardy’s Hermès creations (Chaîne d’ancre, Initiale, Parade, Osmose and Etcaetera) find musical expression. Each sound being totally unique as it depends on a number of physical dimensions of the jewelry piece (shape, density, volume and weight). Then these sounds were collected by the DJ and musician YoggyOne to create a very deep emotional ambient track: the “first-ever symphony of silver” claims Hermès.

The experimental melody finally became soundtrack of a 1.45 minutes emotional black-and-white video directed by Caswell Coggins:

The overall campaign was masterminded by advertising agency DAN Paris. DAN is the digital network for TBWA/Worlwide.