Polyphonic Spree 2


The Polyphonic Spree has released an interactive music video for their first album release in four years.

The music video for the first single “Bullseye” can be downloaded as an app for Ipad and IPhone. The clip is a character based, narrative music video in which the user follows a creature called You-Me. The ever-evolving world of You-Me is transformed by the music as well as the user’s touch or the tilting of the device.

Swedish musician Robyn has also released an interactive video for her track “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”. The singer teamed up with agencies Blip Boutique and Stopp Web for an interactive 3D video, created entirely in code and built with user-generated content. Users can tweet using the #killingme hashtag and see their message included in the latter half of the video, creating a unique viewing experience every time.

Interactive music videos are a trend on the up, and the clips are no longer necessarily limited to websites like YouTube. Videos can be released outside of these platforms to allow more creativity and stick out of the mass of released music videos.

Artists seem to be more and more open to fans personalizing and adding to the mix. The most notable and interactive offerings being the Cold War Kids, which let listeners remix the song ‘I’ve seen enough’ while playing it, and of course Google Chrome’s Wildnerness Downtown experience.