The Bottle Music Machine is an original musical instrument created by the rum brand Brugal, and the EspadaYSantaCruz creative studio from rum bottles.

Brugal wanted to reposition itself, to be perceived as younger, more modern and trendy.

To do so, a new bottle packaging was launched, and had to be advertised. Since alcoholic drinks and the world of music (and partying) are closely linked, the idea came up to combine both in one: The Bottle Music Machine.

The original objective to emphasize on the brand repositioning by showing Brugal bottles could be edgy.

The result – which is quite spectacular – is a real DJ mix table – composed of 7 modules including a synthesizer, a launch pad, scratchers, knobs, a step sequencer and a theremin for a total of 72 bottles – which was used for a real DJ show where consumers composed the audience.

The operation, aside from a live show and dedicated Facebook page. included PR in the form of a mini-series called “The Bottle Music Machine Project” and composed of 3 videos showing the steps in the creation of the Brugal mix table aside form the last one showing the challenge results.

The original idea:

The designing and building process:

The Machine first sounds: