Adidas Nitrocharge is the latest football boot developed by German brand Adidas which was released in May 2013.

Named the Nitrocharge 1.0 the boot maximizes energy output through the use of new innovations and technologies. The launch of Nitrocharge was supported by a multi-dimensional campaign based on the “Winning Never Quits” mantra – a claim aimed at conveying the idea that victory can be achieved through constant energy giving – and issued by Amsterdam-based advertising agency United State Of Fans.

Together with OPTA – the sports data provider – the brand and its agency identified a new type of footballer named “The Engine”, a player who covers every blade of grass, seeks goal scoring chances, tracks down his opponent and displays relentless energy from the first minute to the final whistle. Those players are mainly central midfielders and defenders, with Barcelona’s Dani Alves, AS Roma’s Daniele De Rossi, Bayern Munich’s Javi Martinez and Paris Saint-Germain’s Ezequiel Lavezzi being the hero players for this campaign.

In parallel to this well conceived endorsement, traditional mass media advertising were released including a TVC for which a track was especially composed in order to convey the concept of relentless energy:

Consumers looked for the track of the Nitrocharge everywhere when it came out. Finally it was identified as being composed by Taprikk Sweezee specifically for the Nitrocharge campaign.

Individually from the spot, the track received such positive critics that Adidas made it available for listening and downloading on the brand’s soundcloud.

To know more about it, we interviewed Taprikk.

Could you tell us, who exactly is Taprikk?
Well, to be honest, my real Name is Nikolai von Sallwitz. I am a Musicproducer (Composer) , Sounddesigner and Vocalist. I have a production company where I create sound designs and music for film, commercials and art called ‘Von Sallwitz Sound Architecture’.
But I had the chance to work with many great musicians and beat makers throughout the last years, and sinceIi was always interested in so many different styles of music I started playing with pseudonyms to experiment more on the different sounds that I wanted to develop.
Under my Artist Pseudonym Taprikk Sweezee I started releasing music around 2007 on different Labels (like !K7, Firstwordrecords or Error-Broadcast). Taprikk’s productions are more hip-hop based but glitchy and pretty tweaked. Overall they have a very electronic soul with an edge to pop.

And how did you end up working on the Nitrocharge project?
An art director on the project (which also happens to be a friend of mine) asked me if I would be interested in creating the music for the upcoming Adidas TVC. He told me about the idea of some players being like machines and then when I saw the first edit I really wanted to be part.

So, what exactly was the brief you received from United State of Fans about?
The first brief was a very free wording about concepts like Energy , Endless Power and a Speeding Up Feel. It made me feel very free to develop sounds.

From there, what was the idea you tried to develop?
I came up with the idea of playing around with samples of breath and gasping sounds of players in action that will serve as beats in the beginning of the track. I wanted the track sounds to be rough and full of energy, but also a bit obtrusive and keen like the players that enforcing the game.
Later in the process, together with United State Of Fans, we developed some sort of different momentum for each player throughout the track. Working with the team from United State Of Fans was really pleasant and a nice creative communication between everyone.

How do you think your work, and more specifically the Nitrocharge track, relates to the “Winning never quits” spirit? How did you translate the idea of “relentless energy” into a track?
The Nitrocharge track has a pumping and machinery vibe to it, it feels like it never wants to stop but be ‘full on’ and jump into a next level with each following part. I guess the translation of relentless energy in the track is how it picks up each next part and how sounds almost want to speed up and galloping through.
Instruments in the beats start to go double time as the song develops, fall into half time and pick up again with a new sound or melody that just picks you up and gets you going, even wants you to push higher and go faster than before. Euphoria!

Can we ask what were your inspirations for the video clip and the track (movies, songs,
artists’ works etc)?

My main inspirations for the Nitrocharge track was the first edit of the Nitrocharge spot. The cuts and scenes in it switch so fast in an almost random way and each scene tells the story of energy releasing and never quitting in a cool way.
The Idea of Nitrocharge I think it is about inspiration and the will to play – the will to win from within yourself. This idea inspired me.
Music wise some latest trap music and the way it plays with samples inspired me also.

Thank you Nikolai !