Spotify adds branded apps

Spotify launched several new branded apps last weeks. Intel has launched Sifter, a recommendation app that sorts songs into a mosaic based on specific tracks, artists and friends. McDonalds launched ListenIn app. It says that you will be able to “find songs your friends are listening to”, sorting them by friend, by decades or time.

Intel’s app’s specialty is generating nice-looking selections of music based on whatever song you just heard in Spotify — or any song or artist you’ve specified, for that matter. You can use Sifter to make a smart graphical radio playlist out of any song or artist in Spotify. As with any screen in Sifter, you can save it as a playlist, edit that however you want, and listen to it later. When you link the app to your Facebook account, you can see which of your Facebook friends listened to any of the songs on any given screen within the app.

McDonalds’ ListenIn app lets you listen to the same music that all, some, or or one of your Facebook friends are listening to — also in a mosaic-like interface, sorted by popularity. This turns your what your Facebook friends are playing within Spotify into intelligent radio screens you can filter by decade; when they were listening; or even who the friends are

Spotify sees brands as a key part of its service going forward. These apps are the first brands besides the music brands that released their apps earlier this year like, We Are Hunted and Pitchfork. A new development is that several radio stations and record labels have their own app inside the spotify platform now.