Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon has a new fashion line

Sonic Youth’s bass, guitar and vocalist Kim Gordon has collaborated with French fashion brand Surface to Air to launch her very own clothing collection.
It’s not the first time that the musician has replaced her instruments with a needle and thread. After starting fashion line X-Girl in the early 1990s, Gordon also recently partnered with Urban Outfitters to launch her Mirror/Dash collection together with Jeffrey Monteiro and Melinda Wansbrough.

In line with Mirror/Dash, Gordon’s new Surface to Air collection follows a “streamlined cool-mum aesthetic with a Francophile bent…I’m a mum, but I don’t always want to look just like that” said Gordon in an interview for the New York Times. She also admitted pursuing “the idea of finding things that work and are comfortable, but in which you can still feel like you have an identity.”

The 12-item collection features cropped neon-tangerine pants, black and brown with snakeskin boots, a soft leather jacket and T-shirts printed with Gordon’s own illustrations. The collection integrates itself perfectly into S2A’s classic yet shifted and nonchalant style, while still strongly influenced by Gordon’s identity as a musician. “You can’t pack that much for the road, and I’ve always liked the idea of not dressing up for a performance” Gordon explained to NYT.

More than just a branding strategy, this collaboration demonstrates that clothes, just like music, are meant to be lived in – they are a form of self-expression. This is a belief that Surface to Air seems to share with another global fashion brand, Guess.

The items will go on sale at the end of the month in the New York, Paris and Sao Paulo Surface to Air stores, as well as selected worldwide retail stores.