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Tanqueray served with an Aloe Blacc Remix

Aloe Blacc has released a new song entitled “Tonight Downtown”, which has been produced exclusively for a new campaign for Tanqueray, one of the leading producers of premium gin.

The song is an outcome of the partnership of Aloe Blacc with Tanqueray brand and is inspired by the values that the brand wants to communicate to its fans. The artist sings about the excitement that accompanies the preparation for a night out after a hard day’s work. Tanqueray brand manager Victoria Olivier explains: “Tonight Downtown encapsulates the start of a night…we are excited to have Aloe Blacc as an ambassador for Tanqueray. It’s important to start the night with a perfect drink and now we can add some great music into the mix.”

The brand and the artist wanted to involve fans in their campaign. For this reason, they launched a competition through the Facebook application GoMix, via which the users can remix ”Tonight Downtown.” This way, the partnership of Tanqueray with Aloe Blacc allows fans to participate in the campaign as well, play with it and show their musical talents. In an interview posted on the the Tanqueray youtube channel, Aloe Blacc reveals how he is … “very happy to partner with Tanqueray to deliver new music to [his] fans” Blacc adds: “It will be exciting to see how people take the elements of “Tonight Downtown” and make something new. I can’t wait to hear what folks come up with.” The artist will review all the submitted remixes and choose his favourite one. The results will be announced online.

The premium gin producer teamed up with a talented artist whose style of music emulates the high quality that the Tanqueray brand represents. The overall partnership helps position Tanqueray as an authentic brand with an affinity for entertaining. Blacc’s “Tonight Downtown” inspires the audience to compose their perfect night out and the remix competition allows users to take ownership of their night. While users are able to add what they want to their mix of “Tonight Downtown” the main ingredient stays the same – Tanqueray.