relax with radox spa ambient track

Relax with the Radox Spa ambient track

Radox Spa brand has made an ambient track that is scientifically proven to be more relaxing than a massage.

Radox Spa collaborated on the project with ambient musicians from Marconi Union and Lyz Cooper – the founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy. The result – an 8 minute long track called ‘Weightless’ which is supposed to provide ultimate relaxation for the listener by using specific tones and rhythms. The effects of the song on the audience have been measured by Scientists at Mindlab International. “The results clearly show that the track,’Weightless’, induced the greatest relaxation – higher than the massage or any of the other music tested. The study confirmed that the Radox Spa track Weightless has the power to soothe frazzled minds and relax stressed bodies,” explains Mindlab’s Dr David Lewis, a leading British Stress specialist.

The track can therefore be an alternative for an expensive massage or a spa retreat. What’s more, its advantage is that it’s easily accessible via the Radox Spa Facebook page, and can be listened to in various locations – e.g. on public transportation. This way, the track makes it possible to relax even in a stressful environment.

The ‘Weightless’ project allows Radox Spa to strengthen its position as a brand that cares about the well-being of its customers, by providing products which allow them to relax and take a break from their busy life. It fits well with the brand’s motto ‘Be selfish’ which encourages the customer to take time for themselves and relax.