PUMA has launched a new interactive project, the PUMA Dance Dictionary, that allows to deliver common sentences in the form of dance moves instead of words.

There are 11 basic phrases, in which words in italics can be replaced by other options, allowing fans to convert over 10,000 different sentences. Once encrypted using the “dancing code”, they can be shared with friends on Twitter, Facebook and via e-mail.

To bring this project to life, PUMA has tapped famous LA-based choreographer Super Dave who collaborated with 25 world’s best freestylers including King Charles, Mami, Jet Li, Pacman and Storyboard P. They combined their styles to create vibrating, energetic moves and it works ! The moving substitutions of written or spoken words are highly recognizable—the dancers have managed to visualize not only simple words like “a cat,” “a hot tub,” “love,” “scream,” etc., but also more complicated ones, such as “intensely” and “Mondays.”

The promotion supports the launch of the PUMA Sync fragrances for him and her.

Along with the Dance Dictionary “mini-game”, PUMA has collaborated with DJ/Producer Dre Skull on a new track and music video to make the launch of new Puma Sync Fragrances even more viral. Shot by multi-award winning music video director Daniel Wolfe, it features freestylers that contributed to the dictionary mimicking the lyrics of the song.

On the dedicated Youtube channel, more videos were issued featuring athletes such as Usain Bolt playing with the Dance Dictionary, dance lesions to allow fans to reproduce the most complex moves such as “Spaceship” or “Greasy”, interviews of freestyle dancers and other exclusive, entertaining exclusive content.