Ok go teams up with Google Chrome


Music band OK Go has teamed up with Google Japan for an interactive Chrome experience.

OK Go, the US indie rock band known for their outstanding creative music videos with huge viral impact and great number of online fans, have done it again. After the videos for “Here It Goes Again” (2007) and “This Too Shall Pass” (2010) , the band reaches a new level with the interactive video for “All Is Not Lost” from the Album “Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky”. The collaboration is part of the Chrome Experiments, websites that allow Google to showcase the technical performances of its browser, Google Chrome.

For their newest clip the band teamed up with dance troupe Pilobolus and Google Chrome to create a video resembling a choreographed human kaleidoscope, featuring skintight bodysuits. In order to have the best viewing experience, users should watch the video in Google Chrome.

Users start the experience by submitting a message that will be integrated into the video clip, using typography created by Google Japan with the artists’ feet. The video consists of multiple browser windows, linked by the group’s choreography and evolving with the music. If viewed on a Nintendo 3DS, the video even becomes 3D.

“All Is Not Lost” uses similar HTML5 features as Arcade Fire’s Chrome Experiment “The Wilderness Downtown”. Multiple pop-up windows, perfectly choreographed to the music using HTML5’s audio and video tags and an interactive contribution by the viewer. This online experience literally adds new layers and dimensions to the possibilities of making music videos. With the main consumption of music videos shifting to online, we expect to see more and more of this, pushing the technological boundaries further.