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OK Go and Cuervo integrate fans into a music video

Tequila brand Jose Cuervo teamed up with the American band OK Go to create a series of pop-up concerts, inviting the fans to participate via social media.

OK Go’s performance is part of the Cuervo ‘A Quick Shot of Ice Cold’ campaign. The concerts took place in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Thanks to specific technology, the fans were able to integrate their avatars into the OK Go music video via Facebook or Twitter. The result is a clip in which each pixel represents a different fan. The users could also incorporate a personal message. The final result can be viewed on Cuervo’s website.

OK Go was a great choice for this experimental social media project. The band is well known for its creative music videos – Peter Gutierrez from Jose Cuervo describes them as the “biggest viral band out there.” Therefore, the band was well suited to this innovative campaign. As Damian Kulash from OK Go says; “What we care about is making exciting things. We just want to make cool stuff and I think it’s way cooler for Cuervo to help cool stuff get made, and associate themselves with that experience.”

For Cuervo, this campaign serves to highlight the social aspect of tequila consumption. “Our product is about bonding, about release and about the experience of drinking tequila. You never drink tequila alone, for example. A tequila occasion is a community occasion.” A social experience such as the pop-up concerts accompanied by a viral campaign was a great way to communicate this brand’s positioning. Especially with the help of OK Go, a band open to new experiences and social media experiments.