nokia deadmau5 illuminate london_music activation

Nokia and Deadmau5 illuminate London

Nokia invited the famous producer Deadmau5 along with some of the world’s most talented 4D projection artists to create a one-of-a-kind digital music show in London.

The show, which is part of the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 800, was hosted in London’s city center. Deadmau5 created a set of exclusive tracks that were performed in front of London’s Millbank Tower. The tower was transformed into a giant video screen. The 4D visuals, designed to accompany the music, were projected onto 800 windows of the 120 meter tall building. Fans could enjoy the spectacle for free from both banks of the river Thames. On Nokia’s Facebook page, the fans also had the opportunity to win exclusive tickets to see Deadmau5 up close during the performance. For those who couldn’t be in London, the show was broadcast live on Nokia’s Facebook page.

With this event, Nokia wanted to highlight the features of the new Lumia 800, specifically the innovative design and social media experience that the phone offers. According to John Nichols, Head of Marketing for Nokia UK; “The launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 really signals a new dawn for the company, and we wanted to celebrate this with a truly innovative and spectacular event to match this stunning phone. The location will allow thousands of people to come and experience something truly amazing, and different to anything they have seen before.”

It was a sharp idea to launch the Nokia Lumia 800, described as a “stunningly social phone”, with an actual social event. Nokia brand found an interesting way of showcasing the features of their new product via a music/digital event. The choice of Deadmau5 for the show is also an important factor. Visuals have always been a major part of the producer’s performance, therefore he well matched with the character of the event.