New Getty Images Music service GUESTLIST collaborates with Indie musicians

Getty Images Music has launched Guestlist, a new service that brings the Seattle-based digital stock image and sound agency a step further in music supervision.

Guestlist promises to deliver “new or never-been-released trendsetting music….the kind that defines our culture in commercials, films, trailers, TV shows and video games, everywhere at once”. To offer this unique content, the stock music library has partnered up with rising musical bands and artists, such as Joss Stone.

After her not-so-peaceful contract with EMI records came to an end in 2009, young artist Joss Stone was looking forward to taking control of her career. Guestlist gave her, and her manager Brian Nelson, the opportunity “to find different avenues to the normal ones” to market their music.

For Getty Images Music on the other hand, partnering with a recognized and rising artist such as Stone is capital to ensure their differentiation in the digital music market. The service was created specifically for the high-profile projects created by ad agencies and TV/film music supervisors, positioning Guestlist not only above the average music catalogue but as a truly custom-selected source of inspiration.

“It is great for music artists and bands hoping to get greater exposure through a high profile placement for that track or band,” Stone said. Rewarding both Getty Images and its musician partners, Guestlist seems to capitalize on growing connections between brands and music in a productive and innovative way.