Ne-Yo Malibu new drink

Ne-Yo mixes up a new Malibu

R&B singer, songwriter and actor Ne-Yo has partnered up with Pernod Ricard to work on a new Malibu drink – Malibu Red.

Malibu Red is a new beverage that Pernod Ricard brand is planning to launch in March 2012. The drink will be a mix of coconut rum and tequila. The brand has invited Ne-Yo to assist with the creation of this new blend. The artist will also help to promote the drink – he recently took part in a commercial shoot for the Malibu Red campaign, which will be accompanied by exclusive music, behind the scenes videos and more multimedia content. Malibu Red will also be the sponsor for Ne-Yo’s 2012 concert tour.

Ne-Yo says of the partnership : “From music to film and everything in between, Malibu and I have been working behind-the-scenes to create a rich experience for Malibu Red that allows me to naturally bring my story telling, acting, singing and dancing to the table.”

This partnership between Pernod Ricard and Ne-Yo is an unusual example of brand and artist collaboration. This time, the artist is not only involved in the promotion, but also in the creative development of the product. According to Ian Crystal, Global Marketing Director of Malibu : “Turning the term partnership on its head, Ne-Yo has really served as the creative director of Malibu Red from beginning to end, lending his ‘smooth’ talents and creative vision to create a product experience from flavor to film that will push boundaries in the spirits category.”

The drink, co-created by Ne-Yo and Malibu will be available from March 2012. Its launch is aimed to be “one of the brand’s largest global marketing initiatives.”