Mizone helps athletes get into their ‘zone’

Australian sports drink Mizone has launched an experiment named ZoneLab, to show how music can help athletes reach a higher level of performance.

The “zone” can be described as a state of perfect symbiosis between athlete and environment, allowing them to push their performance further while the physical effort seems easier.
Claiming that “selecting the right music for exercise is part art and part science”, the project brings together talented young musicians with leading sport psychologist Pr. Peter Terry, to create a set of original music tracks for 4 everyday athletes.

Mizone ZoneLab has been created to address two goals. First to bring to life the concept of the ‘zone’ in a way that everyday athletes can relate to and second, to deliver an output that can be used as a sales incentive – in this case four music tracks that can be downloaded on purchase of Mizone”, said Simon Lee, creative partner at The Hallway, the agency behind the campaign.

As part of the campaign, every Mizone sold will gratify the consumer with a free downloadable music track, satisfying short term sales objectives as well as strengthening ongoing brand building for the Australian sports drink brand.
Bringing brand content at the core of the communications, this experimental campaign also raises a question that is at heart of every music composer – the question of the perfect musical recipe. If Mizone can create the perfect music to boost an athletes’ performance, imagine being able to compose music for any other incentive?