Method Man World Gone Sour

Method Man goes Sour

American rapper Method Man has teamed up with Sour Patch Kids Candy brand on the ‘World Gone Sour’ campaign. For this campaign the artist recorded a music video, ‘World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)’, in which he raps about the rebellious candy creatures turning from sour to sweet.

The song is just the beginning of the artist’s collaboration with the brand. The video shows the rebellious candy mirroring the spirit of the ‘lost kids’ who choose Sour Patch. It will be followed by a World Gone Sour video game. Method Man and Sour Patch have also released a game for smartphones which will be available on iTunes. There are also various competitions on the brand’s facebook page.

For Method Man, this campaign is not the first collaboration with a brand. He has worked with several different companies in the past, as a solo artist as well as during his time as a member of Wu Tang Clan. For this reason, his appearance in a new promotion video is not a surprise. What may be surprising though, is that a kids’ candy brand chose a rap song to promote its product. Why this choice? According to Sebastian Genesio, the Marketing Director for Sour Patch, a hip-hop music video is “the perfect vehicle to convey the sneaky and rebellious behavior of our ‘lost kids.” Through this collaboration, the brand wanted to underline the character of its sour-sweet candy.

And this unusual collaboration has turned out to be very successful, proven by the media coverage and the amount of attention the campaign has received by the global audience. This unpredictable choice of music gives the campaign an amusing touch and allows the brand to play with its own image.