mariah carey deutsche telekom_music activation

Mariah Carey performs simultaneously in 5 cities for Deutsche Telekom

The American singer performed in a multi-city, multimedia event held as part of the ‘Life Is For Sharing’ campaign for Deutsche Telekom.

The event was created using holographic technology – Mariah Carey appeared on stage in the form of a hologram that interacted with real dancers as well as the audience. This way, the concert could be experienced live by fans in Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro and Poland simultaneously. The event was also broadcast live online to internet users worldwide via channel. It’s the first time that hologram technology has been used on such a scale, providing an unusual unique music experience for thousands of fans worldwide.

The event is the next step in Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Life Is For Sharing’ campaign. According to Jason Romeyko, European creative director for Deutsche Telekom “This is ‘Life Is For Sharing’ at its superlative – an amazing moment that people can be part of in so many different ways, all across the world.” In the guerilla campaigns, that started in 2008, Deutsche Telekom has previously invited people to share an experience while taking part in a huge karaoke sing-along and playing real life angry birds. The newest event – Mariah Carey’s concert – involved more people than ever before and gave music fans worldwide the opportunity to connect through one of the strongest passions – music.

Mariah Carey and Deutsche Telekom have provided the fans with a one-of-a-kind experience. This partnership fits perfectly into Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Life Is For Sharing’ campaign, which has become a signature of the brand’s character. It strengthens Deutsche Telekom’s position as a brand that connects with their customers via innovative and interactive events, which are always received with a lot of positive coverage.