Kaiser Chiefs use fans to re launch the band


For their new album “The Future Is Medieval” Kaiser Chiefs enlisted the help of their fans – as producers and promoters. The album can be personalized online by selecting tracks and designing the cover artwork. This unique form of promotion brings fans closer than ever to the band’s music.

Kaiser Chiefs developed the idea with B-Unique, part of Universal Music, and advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, establishing a platform where users can create their own version of the album. Each user can purchase 10 out of the 20 songs and design their own cover artwork. To promote the newly created album, each user gets an own platform and can use Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The created albums can be bought by others, and for every copy sold the creator will receive one pound.

In times of growing interactivity between bands and their fans, this promotion takes activation to a whole new level. For the first time, an important part of the album creation is left to the fans. As Wieden+Kennedy says: “Nothing like this has ever been done before. The financial model has required fundamental changes to the way royalty payments work that couldn’t have been done without the might of Universal Music UK behind it.”