Jane's addiction Fan generated 3D film on LG phones

Jane’s Addiction Fan generated 3D film on LG phones

For the release of their new album, rock band Jane’s Addiction has teamed up with LG Mobile and YouTube to provide their fans with a unique experience.

At a concert at Terminal 5 in New York, more than 100 consumers were chosen by LG and Jane’s Addiction to film the concert with the new LG Thrill 4G phones. The footage was then compiled into a 60 minute 3D documentary released on YouTube, thereby creating the world’s first 3D user generated content.

YouTube also offered a live stream, so that fans around the world could enjoy the concert. “It’s a night of firsts. For LG, Jane’s Addiction, YouTube and the technology industry as a whole, the world’s first 3D user-generated concert is an entertainment breakthrough, opening the door to mobile 3D possibilities,” says Tim O’Brien, Vice President of marketing for LG Mobile. “A revolutionary 360-degree stage coupled with Jane’s Addiction’s eclectic performance style will create the ideal setting for a one-of-a-kind concert experience.”

In 2010, the Beastie Boys created a similar experience with their fans. They handed out 50 cameras to 50 fans to cover a show at Madison Square and compiled the footage into a 30 minute video. A year however and the technology means a far better user-generated end result.