How Lady Gaga designed Polaroid's Grey Label Glasses


As part of a new suite of products under the name Grey Label, Lady Gaga and Polaroid unveiled a digital camera with a retro design and, most impressively, a set of camera sunglasses with two embedded 1.5″ LCD displays. The glasses (pictured) act as a wearable camera, and can snap pictures, be pre-loaded with slideshows and video, and are meant to enable real-time photo sharing.

To develop the products, Gaga worked closely with Polaroid and design firm Ammunition LLC, known for developing the popular Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Here’s how that collaboration played out.

“She is fairly involved with the process,” explains Robert Brunner, creative director of Ammunition, who says the pop star would brainstorm ideas, participate in meetings, and provide feedback on models and designs. “She takes it very personally–she really feels this stuff is a representation of her. She has ideas coming from her ethos and perspective. So how do we turn that into a strong viable product design?”

Nothing is more Gaga-esque than the camera sunglasses, with their hyperbolic design and “almost goggle-ish” lens. The camera sits atop the bridge of your nose while the displays land just below your line of sight–yes, you can still see with the sunglasses on. “With the effect of the oversize lens, they look to the person on the otherside like your eyes,” says Brunner. “That really came from Gaga–from her video for ‘Poker Face,’ with the glasses that say ‘pop culture.’ She wanted to build that into a product.”

“So much time has gone by that to a lot of younger people, Polaroid doesn’t have meaning like it does for those who remember it from its heyday,” says Brunner. “But that equity is still there–and we’re developing a whole series of products to help them reclaim that territory.”

With this latest round of products and branding from Lady Gaga, we’d say Polaroid is on its way to being The Fame Monster.