How audio tagging amplifies ads and music on TV

Shazam, Soundhound and other mobile tagging apps have been making their way into television advertising. These apps can help advertisers to link their ads to exclusive songs, new album releases, giveaways and other additional content. This way it’s possible for brands to amplify their message and involve the customer more by extending a 30 second television ad into minutes of online interaction.

Some interesting brands and artists have already used an audio tag to amplify their message. During a Brita campaign viewers could use Shazam to tag the ad which sent them to a link to listen to the new Train album, plus also get further information on Brita. Also during the entire NFL Super Bowl consumers could receive discount offers and free downloads, buy music, and vote for their favorite ads by tagging audio and songs. And last week 50.000 viewers of the Britain’s Got Talent final used the Shazam app to tag the Pepsi Max and Cadbury ads for free downloads and other content.

This is interesting for brands with sonic identities and for bands with their song in a commercial. Consumers can not only get more content but also share their tagged audio with friends through social networks, and so spreading the message by word-of-mouth. Considering that many people watch TV and listen to the radio while using their smartphone, this development brings interesting business opportunities. It allows brands to target particular consumer groups and activate the consumer with content that they are interested in.

Check out the Best Buy ad below. This one ran during the Super Bowl and includes a Shazam logo that appears halfway through the ad. Try it for yourself!