Open your world Heineken U-codes_music activation

Open your world with Heineken u-code

At the Heineken Open’er Festival in Poland, the famous beer brand has given the fans a chance to meet each other through music and…u-codes.

The brand recognized that fans attend music festivals not only to listen to music but also to meet new people. Heineken decided to help Open’er Festival-goers to meet each other by offering an unusual ice-breaker. The brand set up a space at the festival where the fans could create their own QR code linked with a message. Fans could print the U-code onto a sticker and then attach it to themselves. To read their message other festival-goers had to simply scan the code, which was a great excuse to start a conversation.

This is a great example of how Heineken encouraged fans to interact with the brand, and each other, in a simple and fun way.Heineken added a positive contribution to the festival experience and gave fans the opportunity to not only enjoy live music, but also to enjoy the company of each other. A very successful and well executed brand activation.