Beer bottles that interact to their environment, the people in it, and other bottles: Heineken presents the first “smart beer bottles”. The concept was introduced at Milan Design Week and equips Heineken beer bottles with LEDs and motion sensors. The result: beer bottles that light up when you drink, activate when you cheer with someone and sleep when they’re in the bar. When decibel level is high enough, bottles even synchronize themselves to the music.

Through this experiment, Heineken demonstrates that the best ‘user experiences’ tap into existing consumer behaviours and push technology into the background bringing together interaction, data and networking thinking.

As part of Heineken invite to “Open Your World”, the brand enhanced the organic way in which the product is used based on social interaction between beer drinkers unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology. This innovative approach lets people be a part of the party in a whole new way and opens up possibilities in social situations.

Alongside the product concept, the process that was used to bring this idea to life is remarkable as Heineken adopted the start-up way to innovate. Teaming up with specialists inside and outside the company, the project was completed in 10 weeks.

The Heineken Ignite is currently only a concept, and we cannot imagine how costly it will be to make something like this a reality but as the new model bottle consists of two parts, the technology in the soil can easily be used again.

As part of this innovative activation, Heineken offers the possibility to join the 2013/14 Open Design Explorations team. Anyone interested can just apply until 31st of May on Heineken Tumblr.