Halifax Online Choir Christmas_ Music Activation

Halifax Online Christmas Choir

Halifax bank has launched a virtual platform on which Facebook users can record themselves and contribute to the Online Choir that raises money for children.

The application, launched on Facebook, is accessible to all registered users.
According to the brand; “Facebook users [are invited to] record themselves singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas and then combine their recording with other online performances to create their own unique choir. The user will see their own choir uploaded to their Facebook wall, letting all their friends know they have joined and raised money for Save the Children.”
For each person that joins the project Halifax will give £5 to the Save the Children charity foundation, and then an extra £2 if the user records a song.Another 1£ will be given when the user shares the song or likes the app.

This is an original campaign that manages to get users involved, as well as raise money for those in need. Through the Online Choir, Halifax reaches its customers directly, while making a change by donating money to a charity. The bank will donate up to £100 000 thanks to the users’ musical contributions. According to Douglas Rouse from Save the Children; “The online choir is yet another innovative fundraising activity that will make a massive long-term difference to some of the 1.6 million children living in poverty today in the UK.”