Google Chrome Arcade Fire


To show off Chrome, Google teamed up with Arcade Fire and artist Chris Milk in ground breaking experience ‘The Wilderness Downtown’. Visitors first get to download Google Chrome for the best viewing experience, if they don’t already have it. It’s described as a “musical experience made specifically for Google Chrome” that takes the Arcade Fire track ‘We Used to Wait’ and pits it against scenes of the visitor’s childhood home, rendered by Google maps.

The experience starts with typing in your childhood address, several windows pop-up and Arcade Fire’s emotional new track kicks in. You feel like you’re running through a dark street, and little by little it turns out it’s your hometown. What follows is a detailed trip down memory lane thanks to Google Maps, Google Street view and pictures. You can then write a postcard to your younger self that once lived there or draw a picture using a specially art program. The video offers the best HTML5 has to present incorporating trees and birds into Google Street View. The pop up windows work to the music, as does as the action within the windows.

A technical and artistic masterpiece with the all too important fan-centric angle, the platform went fiercely viral on a global scale, within a day.