Durex offers Facebook app to find just the perfect love song

Durex is getting couples “in sync” by a new Facebook app that helps them find the perfect love song based on their lovemaking styles.

The Durex In-Sync Song Generator, for the Reckitt-Benckiser brand, asks a series of questions about preferences for time of day in lovemaking as well as how varied, energetic and loud one’s routine is. Then, it has the user send a request to his or her partner on Facebook to complete the survey, or has the partner fill in the questions at the same time if in the same place.

The colorful Generator asks users about their love-making patterns like “What time of day are you at your best?” and “How loud is your personality?” Then the user can send the poll to their partner and depending on their answers, the generator will spit out the perfect love making tune— from Shakira’s “Underneath your Clothes” to “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.

“In the U.S., there’s a group of consumers that’s kind of been forgotten about,” Reckitt Benckiser marketing director Kevin Harshaw told AdAge. “These are the lovers. … The whole Durex vision going forward is to become the sexual well-being brand of choice for lovers age 25 to 39.”

Other elements of the marketing also include online video and banners, radio ads and a launch party with Ice T and Coco with a Facebook contest and Twitter party that, all told, garnered 4 million impressions.