red_bull_channel 4_music activation

Discover new artists with Red Bull and Channel 4

Red Bull Studios and UK Channel 4 have teamed up to create a music TV series about up and coming artists.

The series, called ‘Launched in Red Bull Studios’, will showcase performances by 10 artists who are expected to become big in 2012. The performers were selected by already established artists and DJs. According to Dan O’Connell, this is what makes this show unique and gives the artists credibility; “You hear up-and-coming names mentioned all year round, but what’s cool about Launched is that these guys have the stamp of approval from people who know the music industry. It’s been great to get the chance to see these artists at work and understand what all the hype is about. It’s the must-see music series to set you up for the year ahead.”

London Red Bull Studio’s aim is to promote UK music and new artists. It is part of the Red Bull brand initiatives to promote music, and especially emerging artists, in various places around the world – for example with the famous Red Bull Music Academy. Red Bull is a brand that constantly underlines the importance of music, therefore the new partnership with Channel 4 and its result – the TV series – corresponds well with the brand’s identity. This project is an interesting follow-up to brand’s previous efforts to promoting young artists and giving them a chance to be heard.