Converse Rubber Tracks 2


Converse has just launched a recording studio that bands can use free of charge.

The shoe brand has officially launched Converse Rubber Tracks, a recording studio in Brooklyn. Bands can apply for one or two days of valuable studio time. Converse says it will provide both instruments and expertise into the bargain. Application periods run every three months.

Rubber Tracks will enable bands to expose their music to a much larger audience through content captured while recording, including track releases and behind-the-scenes video material. Artists will also have the option to utilize and the brands social media channels to promote their content, potentially reaching millions. The website also features clips to help bands make the best use of their studio time. However, the artists keep all rights to their music but have the possibility to lease Converse limited rights in order to use the whole network of the brand.

‘Converse Rubber Tracks is a way for us to say thank you to musicians all over who have helped us become the brand we are and to provide a place for new artists to have access to resources they may not be able to afford’ said Converse Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Cottrill in a release. ‘This is our way to invest in the future of music and we couldn’t be more excited about it.’

This year Converse is also hosting the Grammy Foundation’s annual Grammy Camp. The camp will start in Los Angeles in July and will be held at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio, 2-8 August.

Converse Rubber Tracks bears resemblance to Red Bull’s Music Academy. The adrenalin drink version is a touring studio opportunity with set dates for set places. Converse has decided to go for a community feel by settling in the heart of Brooklyn.