Coke expands studio India


Coke studio is an opportunity for young artists to perform for an important audience and for established artists to try collaborations with new genres. This season is hosted by MTV and produced by Leslie Lewis and Red Chillies Entertainment.

After the huge success of the Pakistan version in India, Coke Studio will now bring out a version specifically for the neighbours.

The show is a weekly, one hour format, giving four or five artists the possibility to perform their music to a huge audience. “Unlike reality shows, where we go on stage and sing our Bollywood songs for a limited three minutes, Coke Studio gives us an opportunity to create our music live on stage and enjoy ourselves,” says Richa Sharma, a popular Indian singer. “This is the biggest platform one can ever get. Personally for me, I wouldn’t have been here if there wasn’t Coke Studio. So, it’s not just about how known you are, it is more about what talent you have and how much you can offer to the audience,” according to singer Saurab Mandal.

Coke Studio is part of Coca Cola’s worldwide attempt to connect with their audience; “This is one of Coca-Cola’s pioneering endeavours worldwide to connect with our audiences – an exceptional platform for music that has time and again given audiences an unforgettable experience of fusion music created by a unique ensemble of artists,” said Atul Singh, president and chief executive officer, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia.