Cars can be musicians too thanks to OK Go and Chevrolet

The LA-based band OK Go has teamed up with General Motors’ brand Chevrolet to produce an innovative and creative music video for their new single Needing/Getting.

Strategically released during the Super Bowl, the video features Chevrolet’s adventurous Chevy Sonic model which has been transformed and customized to play musical instruments. Equipped with retractable pneumatic arms, set up to play over 1000 instruments, the car was driven by band frontman Damian Kulash through over 2 miles of desert. The result unquestionably gives justice to the idea of boldness that the Chevrolet car seems to embody.

This ambitious project required 4 months of preparation, but only 4 days of shooting and recording. Kulash had to take stunt driving lessons, each piano had to be tuned to play the right notes no matter where they were struck, and the band had to sing as they were driving the car resulting in a genuinely raw recording.

Known for their funky and disrupting viral music videos, OK Go is part of the new generation of bands that are keen to collaborate with brands, as they showed a couple of month ago. However, this initiative seems to take music and brand partnership one step further, adding substantial value to product placement by making the brand a true contributor of the music composition.