Guetta and Burn fuel fans with music documentary

Burn fuels David Guetta fans with a music documentary

This year, David Guetta fans have the great opportunity to learn more about their favourite DJ’s life.
Burn Studios – the online music platform of Burn Energy Drink – teamed up with the French artist to produce a documentary on the DJ’s life and his influence on bringing house music to the masses. A Guetta inspired remix competition is also being activated via the online platform with the aim of discovering new talents .

Coca-Cola Company – the owner of Burn brand—describes the collaboration between Guetta and Burn as an exceptional “ground-breaking” partnership between a brand and an artist. The brand and the DJ share many things in common, especially the passion for music and energy. Emmanuel Seuge from Coca-Cola Company announced that Burn and Guetta want to encourage people…“to be bold, ambitious and fearless.”

Both the DJ and the brand gain a lot from this experience- Guetta says of the partnership : “With Burn, I am able to live out some amazing ideas for new producers to get started – and for my fans, give them a new experience to get close to me – I want to share the energy.” In the upcoming documentary “Nothing But the Beat” Guetta gives his fans the opportunity to have a closer look into the world of house music and explore behind the scenes of his own work. For a preview of the movie go to the Burn Energy Drink youtube channel:

However, the Burn/Guetta ‘Get-together’ ,as the Burn has cleverly coined the partnership, has not been limited to just the music documentary. Burn envisions the collaboration as a chance to develop their online music platform further by launching a remix competition for individuals who are ready to expose their talents to the world. The winner of the competition will have the chance to DJ at Guetta’s dance parties on Ibiza, Spain.