Black Eyed Peas light up the stage Philips_2


At their recent three-night concert in Paris, the Black Eyed Peas have illuminated the stage thanks to Philips.

Fergie, Taboo and wore whole body suits with latest LED and OLED technology by Philips on them. The band has collaborated with Philips earlier, starting at the Billboard Music Awards where Fergie wore a dress designed with Philips lighting technology. “After the Billboard Awards, we went back to Philips because they are not only innovators in lighting, they understand design and we knew we could collaborate and explore the use of light in unique and interesting ways on the tour costumes.” says B. Åkerlund, Black Eyed Peas’ lead Costume Designer/Stylist, as the band always wants to put on an unforgettable show.

Check out this fan made video from the concert in Paris where you can see the LED body suits in action!

With the show in Paris, the Black Eyed Peas have set the bar very high thanks to outfits specially designed around Philips lighting technology that perfectly interact with stage lighting and music beats. “At Philips, we believe lighting is at the heart of how people enjoy and embrace entertainment, so we use new and original light experiences to really astound our audiences.” says Philips Lighting’s Chief Design Officer, Rogier Van der Heide.