Bjork enters new dimension_Biophilia


Icelandic singer Björk is promoting her new album ‘Biophilia’ via an app

With the release of this app, Björk has added a new dimension to album marketing. By making the ‘mother app’ free but asking fans to download the other songs via additional apps, Björk is not only exploring new interactive territory but also uses this interactivity for her album promotion.

Users can download the ‘mother app’ for free at the iTunes store and start exploring the universe of Biophilia, navigating a new world and discovering the new album. This first app works as a menu, in which users can roam freely, passing planets named after the album tracks and hearing snippets of music when passing them. While playing a song, users can zoom around the Biophilia cosmos or see the graphic rendering of the track with a lyrics sheet. One track is already pre-installed, but to listen to the others, users have to purchase them via additional apps.

‘We’re entering the age of interactivity. The passive, one-way media will become a blip in human history. Björk has a complete, unified concept where everything is interconnected. The music isn’t dominant, the image isn’t dominant, the interactivity isn’t dominant. Everything works together the way a movie or an opera does.’ claims Scott Snibbe, a media artist and leading app developer who managed the Biophilia project and whose studio created three of the album’s apps.