Paco Rabanne Rockstar

Become a rockstar with Paco Rabanne and Universal Music

Fans of the Paco Rabanne Black XS fragrance and rock music now have the unique opportunity to become a rockstar. Universal France and Paco Rabanne have launched a website on which fans are invited to live their own rockstar experience in an online game. The project also features behind the scenes footage of the popular bands, Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema and Cold War Kids.

The ‘Be A Rockstar’ website aims to emphasize the rock character of the Black XS fragrance and invites the users to release their inner most rockstar too.The online game allows the user to see the world from the perspective of a musician. By becoming a band member through a series of digital immersive experiences the user is able to see the world from the perspective of a rockstar. Users also have the opportunity to win concert tickets, backstage passes, free downloads of exclusive content and Paco Rabanne Black XS perfumes.

The Universal Music and Paco Rabanne,“Be a Rockstar” project is designed to deliver users exclusive music content. The website is a host to Black XS Off Shows – a series of short documentary films on the life of popular rock bands, starting with Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema and Cold War Kids, leading bands from Universal Music label.

For Puig, the parent brand of Paco Rabanne,this is its first digital project with an outside partner. “It’s a big step forward in digital,” said José Manuel Albesa, chief brand officer of Puig. For Universal and the artists’ it represents, the project is an opportunity to get closer to their fans. According to Mathieu Baumgartner, in charge of digital media at Universal : “It’s a platform for exposure for our artists that we can’t afford to neglect, and when a brand wants to do it in a way that is consistent with our codes and values, it can only be beneficial for them and for us,” he said.The platform has proven to be very successful and received a lot of online media and blog attention being an example of a brand partnership that allows to establish a new type of relationship between the brand and its consumers.