American Express Unstaged is now in its fourth series offering live music events via a dedicated interactive digital platform in partnership with VEVO and YouTube. Vampire Weekend will be the 12th digital performance produced under the branded entertainment initiative which pairs artists with leading directors.

For this edition, Vampire Weekend will be teaming up with leading director Steve Buscemi. The band’s 28 April performance will be streamed on the last night of the Tribeca Film Festival at Roseland Ballroom in New York.

Over the last editions, American Express has presented several “American Express Unstaged” concerts with top performing artists, including one in London last week with Usher. . Previous shows featured The Killers, Jack White, Coldplay, John Legend and others.

The live events are streamed live on the website , on YouTube dedicated channel and on VEVO. To make it even more engaging, audience can control their viewing experience throughout the show by switching between the director’s main stream and alternative point of views. As expected, those videos draw millions of views.

The concerts are also an opportunity for the brand to weave in social media as Usher, for example, was on stage with live Twitter feeds and interacting with them.

“The value takeaway for the brand, and it’s not just one takeaway, is that people are recommending the brand, and when it’s connected to social it drives usage of the card around entertainment but also acquisitions because people get a sample of what it’s like to be an American Express member. It’s like Groupon for the soul.” says American Express.