air paints love with cartier_Music Activation

Air paints love for Cartier

Luxury jeweller Cartier invited the French duo AIR to create an exclusive music piece as part of the Cartier Love campaign.

The track – ‘Painted Love’ – was released along with a short movie created by Waverly Films. The project is inspired by the Cartier Love bracelet. The film and music tells the story of an artist painting his muse. The clip concludes with the artist’s developing obsession for his painted love. The story is influenced by the myth of Galatea and Pygmalion. The filmmakers and musicians from AIR collaborated throughout the year developing the storyline together, making this project even more original.

‘Painted Love’ is a three-part campaign that will pair directors and musicians. The campaign, which was launched with the collaboration between Air and Waverly, will continue through to 2012.
‘Painted Love’ is a part of a bigger campaign by Cartier – ‘Love’. Since the launch of this campaign in 2007 the luxury brand has been inviting artists to participate in ‘How far would you go for love’, each answering the question through an art creation. The campaign has featured artists such as Marion Cotillard, Lou Reed and Phoenix.

According to Leslie Dubest, co-founder of The: Hours, the creative agency behind the campaign; “The way Cartier envisioned the Love project was by initiating exclusive and original collaborations and highly creative synergies between the music and the image worlds. Emotion through art engages digital conversation. This is the new marketing.”

Cartier chose to launch ‘Painted Love’ to its fans directly on the brand’s Facebook page. Interestingly ‘Painted Love’ was the first Cartier campaign launched on Facebook, showing the brand’s engagement in this new means of communication and marketing.