17 songs and 17 cosmetics_music activation

17 songs for 17 Cosmetics

17 Cosmetics brand has launched a new campaign in the UK in which it will promote the songs of 17 new artists.

“Every time we launch a new 17 product, we’re going to release a make-up song written with our favourite up-and-coming band” explains the brand. The brand invited 17 different artists to collaborate on the project. Each artist wrote a song associated with a product that the brand is to release during the campaign. The first song, ‘You Might Get Stuck On Me’ by a band named Summer Camp, is available now and can be download for free on 17’s Facebook page. The song is paired with the Magnetized Nail Polish by 17.

This campaign also allows the fans to get involved. They’re invited to contribute at every step – from suggesting new artists to taking part in the music video production. This campaign aims to associate
17 Cosmetics brand with new music via the promotion of emerging artists. The brand has realized that music offers a great opportunity to connect with its customers, who are here not only the receivers but can also actively contribute to the realization of the project. The brand communicates with its consumers via an experience. Promoting music with the release of every new product makes the launch all the more exciting. This may guarantee that the consumer will follow the brand closely right through the 17 campaign, intrigued by the new products and the songs associated with them.